We all say, “yes” to plenty.  But sometimes for a variety of reasons, the answer we should give is “No.” This simple two letter word, that can be so hard to say, yet is a complete sentence.

Kids know it. “No” is one of the first words they utter.  Not only that, if they think you didn’t get the message that simple word conveys, they’ll repeat it 10 times. No explanation is offered. Just: No. No. No. No. No.

Say “no,” if the request is overwhelming. If it’s too much. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t fit. Feels uncomfortable. Takes you away from more important priorities. Is too time consuming. Too distracting. Whatever.

Need to say more? “No, thank you,” will suffice.

That’s enough. Sometimes “no” needs to be said. Try saying ‘no’ as a stand alone statement. Skip your urge to explain or justify.


Yes. Really. Try it!

That’s the lesson for today!  I’m keeping it short and simple.

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