People are so colorful, expressive, wild, crazy and possibly even more intelligent when they allow themselves to just be. Relaxing into the moment, be-ing themselves. In the moment people laugh, cry, feel and share the full wonderful range of emotions that make humanity accessible and real. I once read that ‘Being too sane is a sign of madness.” Something about that really resonates. In some ways “too sane” reminds me of being too worried about being too in control. Of everything. The ‘madness’ part of that could also be interpreted two ways: As in ‘angry’ because trying to be too perfect (sane) could make you ‘crazy’!

With age (now that we’re over 50 ), it helps to reflect on what we might call our “control issues.” Having “control” is illusory. The older we get, the more this becomes apparent. While controlling certain actions & choices may make us feel more powerful, there are still no (and never were) associated iron clad guarantees. Our control issues may have gotten us to work on time, but were not guarantees we got to keep the job. They may have kept us eating well & exercising, but did not guarantee our good health. They may have made us good communicators, but haven’t guaranteed that everyone wants to hear & do what we say. The list is endless.

Control issues are not a bad thing to have: They’ve likely served a purpose, and helped us to more observant and action oriented. But they may also have created unrealistic expectations & disappointments. Today is as good a day as any to think about what we’re trying to control. Maybe it’s a good day to just let ourselves just be. Be who we’ve become from getting older and our years of living and experiences, knowing we don’t have to worry about controlling anything because 1) we really can’t and 2) because we can handle whatever happens.

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