Taking calculated risks, pushing oneself into uncharted territory is healthy. Stagnating is not.  Exposure to situations (and people) that might involve risk & uncertainties can help us to confront and release both our fears of failure & of success.

When we decide to make a move out of our parking zone, it’s normal and wise to consider the downside. It’s equally normal to fear “what ifs” as well as changes that might happen if we were to actually succeed. The problem is when paralysis by over analysis hits.

Considering options during change without a crystal ball, know that if you feel you need to change something in your life, more comfort lies in action & few actions are set in cement. While yes we may make mistakes (and learn!)— it’s a bigger mistake if we think we can wait to get a guarantee for a particular outcome. ‘No guarantees are ever coming, except taxes & death.’

Life is far more satisfying (note: I didn’t say easy…) if we risk reaching for very own personal definition of “the fullest life” at every age. Go for the gusto! Regardless of the ultimate outcome, there’s no shame in taking a risk. Don’t worry about what others say or how they might try to discourage you. Don’t wait. Find the time. Never allow waiting to become a habit. No parking. Life is happening now.

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