For much of my life, if asked, “How’s it going?” My rote response was an automatic: “Fine.” It was my go-to answer for two reasons: 

1) Because I thought complaining was weak and ugly, and 

2) I was afraid to admit that anything in my life might be anything other than fine.

The problem with insisting on what we think is “normality” or that all is “fine” when it might be otherwise, is that this somehow means deep down we are very dissatisfied with accepting life as it is—which is problem-full, because problems happen. 

Having problems doesn’t mean we are weak, unlucky, less than or otherwise. 

If you believe others to be problem-free, it’s probably because you are comparing your inner feelings to the facade of normality we all so often try to present. In reality, believing that you should never have a problem—or that problems are a sign of weakness—is painfully isolating. You can’t really have any conversations in depth if you’re afraid to acknowledge that sometimes life bites. Sometimes it bites hard. It is what it is…and it isn’t always fine. In fact, it can be immensely painful. 

At those times when life is normal—or full of trials and challenges—we hold the potential to reach new understandings of our personal capabilities. We can embrace our personal challenges and ask for the embrace and support of others. This isn’t weak. It’s how humans show their strength and fortitude for living. 

This is an excerpt from my book: The Silver Disobedience Playbook available on Amazon.

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