The most societally undervalued benefits of age are the priceless intangibles of aging that accrue from taking care of others, while managing the ebbs and flow of day-to-day living. Several years ago I wanted to hire a personal assistant. I received over 100+ resumes and almost all had the typical office skills I needed. Yet, one fascinating letter stood out on the top of the pile. The applicant, who happened to share my same first name wrote about how she really “didn’t have much experience to be my assistant” because she had been “just” a Mom for years, while working part time in real estate and construction. She wrote that “whatever she didn’t know, she’d learn” and the clincher of her letter was the last sentence when she even offered to “hem my skirt,” if such a skill was ever necessary. I remember thinking Diamond! ?I also thought about how inappropriate the use of the word “just” was in her letter, in light of what I deemed to be an priceless skill set! She expressed herself well in writing; was clearly a go-getter; was willing to go beyond the job description; had mastered the endless requirements of managing a household, including expenses & family; and, had helped schools fundraise! I thought, “How multi-faceted! She shines bright like a diamond! How lucky am I?!” VERY!!! was my answer…and I hired her! Six years later I still feel quite fortunate! Her skills are immense! In many ways, she’s “done it all” while “just” raising children. She’s no dummy! She’s a star…who I can assure you is very real…yet she’s never let me take her picture …or she’d be the sole person here with a halo on her head! So I ask: How do you value the skills you’ve acquired over the years caring for children, parents, animals or anyone else?  I hope highly…and, I’d love to hear about it!


Dian Griesel is an Entrepreneur, Chief Influencer at Silver Disobedience™ and an Icon Model at Wilhelmina Models and Aperture Talent

She is an active blogger on all aspects of life and the wonders of age and aging.

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