Catch me cussin’ and I.O.U. $5.00 on the spot. I started paying up several years ago as a personal challenge to end a bad habit. ✨ A few profanities had infiltrated my conversations, which in retrospect, reflected my insecurity and laziness. ✨ Insecurity because I was working in a male dominated business. While the men were always respectful to me — my insecurities and desire to be “respected” (ironically) led me to curse to accent my points. ✨ Laziness also played a role because I have an excellent vocabulary. To not use any of the thousands of words I have in my brain to better express myself revealed what I now think was both laziness & a lack of creativity. ✨This isn’t a judgement on others. Just a confession & thoughts recalled as my husband asked if I wanted a video against the wall that you’ll see if you go to my page My first thought was “Hell no!” (A tiny cuss in my head!) Then I thought it was the perfect setting for this story. I added a few more clips to show some of New York City in its glory. 

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