When we perceive ourselves to be OK, we are OK.

When we perceive ourselves to be lost, we are often lost.

When we perceive ourselves to be grooving, we are usually feeling good.

Daily we are bombarded with headlines from news around the world. The pro and con of technology is that we are constantly exposed to news — much of which is focused on things outside of our control.  This is stressful. It might even be a bit desensitizing. We “speak” to what is going on, it makes for conversation, but we don’t necessarily relate with more than words…or maybe increased first-world, somewhat privileged guilt (in a world-wide scheme of things.)

Far more relative on a daily basis, are our perceptions of our immediate environment. Our relationships with our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community.

By focusing on the people & situations we encounter most days — we may stress less about the world falling apart. We might even believe more in humanity. 

Most of us here are old enough to remember when there were only 3 television channels and you were lucky if you got FM radio reception!  Today there are thousands of news sources all clamoring to deliver news. Each needs to news to stay viable.

If you’re feeling stressed, make your world a bit smaller for a few days. Focus on tending to your own home and back yard — making it a peaceful, loving, friendly place. This isn’t denying big world issues, it’s focusing our attention on what we can do & how we can act to make the world a better place.

PS: And don’t worry that you’ll miss some major event because surely someone will fill you in!

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