If you live anywhere in the world where temperatures have dropped, you might be noticing more wrinkles in your face. It’s not because we’re all suddenly in rapid-aging mode. It’s dehydration from frigid temperatures and cold high winds which can reduce thirst by as much as 40% compared to a hot day. This is far more serious than wrinkles. Dehydration is at the root of all kinds of illnesses that can flare up. New wrinkles may just be a symptom of something more serious developing.

Dehydration risk increases when it’s colder because lower temperatures suppress thirst as blood vessels constrict and push blood away from the skin’s surface into the core of the body to decrease heat loss. Add to this the fact that most people don’t drink as much as they do on hot days and if they are drinking— it’s often in the form of hot coffee, tea or chocolate in an effort to warm up. Yet— all of these have caffeine, a diuretic that causes the body to pee out more water! Further, cold weather often increases the urge for heavy “comfort foods” vs. crisp water-full fruits and vegetables.  

Add this all up to one conclusion: Make sure you’re drinking more water; not overloading on caffeine or alcohol to warm up; and eating your fruits and veggies…especially fruit!

Our blood is 92% water. Intestinal, gastric, saliva and pancreatic juices are 98% water. So, if you’re feeling constipated or having any burning or irritation while urinating…and your skin is looking especially dry— you are dehydrated!  Drink up!  It’s H2O time!

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