Do you remember when you were a child and you’d meet other kids, play with them and instantly feel like you had a new best friend? It wasn’t the length of time that established the friendships—it was a connection of energy that upon reflection seems so magical.

Sadly, as our teen years descended upon us, friendships became more complicated. Gossip entered the picture. Later, as we dated, relationships became even more puzzling as we tried to find that partner who would love us for who we were. In many ways, this is a giant compromise, since we’re all unique and have a different set of experiences that have combined to merge the nature and nurture aspects of our complex personalities.

Sometimes for sure it all seemed just so difficult to relate and connect.

Although many people would describe me as outgoing, I remember breaking into hives 20 years ago on the night of my 20-year high school reunion. I had to wear a turtleneck on a hot June night! To my amazement, it turned out to be a completely comfortable, very relaxing and fun evening. It seemed everyone was mellow. The conversation was easy and kind. As I’ve reflected on this, I’ve observed that age has somehow enabled me to make new friendships that resemble those spontaneous friendships of youth. I connect more easily. The conversations seem to reach a deeper level more quickly—almost as if I’ve known the other person for years. Gone are the days of worrying about every word. This has been replaced with a sense of valuing collaborations and a greater appreciation of the wisdom and experience that others can bring to my life. It is marvelous to be at a stage when if we are attuned, we can embrace the connectedness, the oneness, we have with others. Time loses its impact. Instead, love seems to rule the day.

How are you experiencing yourself within new collaborations, friendships and moments of every kind?