Richard C. Colton Jr.’s memoir, No More. No Less., subtitled An Artful Cancer Journey. A Remarkable  Community. A Rediscovered Purpose. is part medical thriller, part spiritual awakening, part artistic curiosity, and all heart. He candidly recounts his decades-long struggle against cancer and unique approach to his treatment– allowing an artist to sit in during his surgeries to create paintings.  

After a large section of his face is removed during surgery — forever altering his appearance—his medical team determines that his body can no longer tolerate any additional chemotherapy, radiation or surgeries.  Hitting perhaps the lowest point during his decades-long ordeal, he prayed, “God, please give me more time, so that I can do more good in the world.”  At  the eleventh hour his life was saved by an experimental new drug, PD-1, commonly called Keytruda. Richard stepped up his commitment to philanthropic projects, including supporting emerging artists and increasing his funding for arts projects that foster creativity in young girls and boys.  

No More. No Less. by Richard C. Colton, Jr. with Judy Katz

This book will resonate with anyone who has faced life-threatening circumstances—or loves someone who has. Richard faced his mortality head-on with great courage and ingenuity.  As Richard  once said to his surgeon Dr. Anthony Tufaro, “I am what I am.  No more, no less.”  Richard shows us what it takes to do battle with cancer and not allow yourself to feel any less. This simple yet deeply profound statement  says volumes about the author, and how his story can inspire and empower others.