Is ‘never’ your retirement age?

For many either by choice or financial issues, most of us will never retire. But either way, seriously, do you know how ‘retire’ is defined in the dictionary?  It says ‘to withdraw, go away or part to a place of private, shelter or seclusion’ or ‘to withdraw from office, business or active life usually because of age.” What an UN-inviting idea!   

As of 2017, 50% of the population in the United States is over age 50: Those between ages 51 to 69 have hit 74 million strong. The population that is 50+ makes up 42% of after-tax income in the US which is approximately $2.4 trillion. While 10.000 of us reach retirement age every day, most of us actually plan to work well past 65! Many in their 50s are still in their prime earning years as their careers continue to soar.

A big part of the why behind this is that overall, we’re an entrepreneurial group: 45% of the Silver Disobedience® population are considering or have already started entrepreneurial new careers.  We’re making money in new creative ways. Also,as many of us are still working…90% of us, are getting Paid Vacation Time–and about 54% of us are using all or most of it.  We take planes, trains, cruises, buses and cars. Many of us are working through our Bucket Lists.

I think it’s about time we re-define the word ‘retire’ to more accurate reflect how Silver Disobedients® plan to spend time during our Second Acts. Please share what you’re doing with your time…and what you imagine in the future!

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