I follow Justin Bieber on social media. I’m a longtime Bieber Believer. Back in 2009, I won tickets to see him live in concert and took my daughter & a couple of her friends. I only knew the words to his then 1st hit “Baby” — (and yes, I sang along!) but remember being awestruck watching a 14 year old get 18,000 people on their feet as he sang, danced and played guitar, drums + piano. Justin was raised by a single Mom, with considerable help from her parents. He risked putting himself “out there” at the very young age of 12, playing his guitar & singing in all sorts of public places. Upon getting a recording contract, he was immediately on the road wowing audiences and DJs across the nation & world. When his movie: Never Say Never, came out, I offered every one of my employees two tickets to go see it because I thought it was immensely inspiring. I was a 50 year old fan of Justin and proud to be singing with teenagers across the country. As he grew older, his voice changed, as did his style. He seemed to stray a bit from his foundational roots, wanting to shed the “who he once was” as so many of us do, but I share this observation only from media reports not from personal conversation with him. During those years, to the mortification of my children (and maybe horror of friends) I remained a Bieber Believer. I could not fathom that he would be out of the stage lights for long. I believed. And, that kid came back! Grounded and stronger with a whole new style yet as attuned & true to the art of music as ever. I told my kids I want to get tickets for his next tour. Guess who wants to join me? ✨

I really have no idea why I’m sharing this, but I wrote it and he’s a great example of ups, downs and all arounds in life. Keep the faith. Keep moving forward. If you really want to smile, either watch Never Say Never or search YouTube for “Justin Bieber and James Corden Dancing.” I promise you’ll smile. The video made me an even bigger fan because Justin “plays for keeps” with the 5 years olds he’s dancing with! 🎶🎶

I’m @DianGriesel a perception analyst & strategist; creative attitude disrupter & adjuster; author and the blogger & model known as @SilverDisobedience