Having a disorganized and cluttered home is a huge cause of stress and anxiety for many people. It’s hard to relax when everywhere you look there are papers, junk drawers, and overflowing cabinets and closets. Now that many people are spending more time at home, it is the perfect time to tackle the clutter and chaos. While buying bins and plastic drawer organizers adds up fast, have no fear! All you need is a little imagination and simple, yet sturdy, items to empower your organization journey. Read on for do-it-yourself, affordable organization tips!

Separate the Clutter and Box it Up

Chaos is often a result of mixing too many things in one place. Think about a makeup bag full of everything you need to get ready. When you have to dig through mascara, brushes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. just to get to the lipstick you’re looking for, you waste precious energy and patience. The Clamtainer is the perfect solution. It is lightweight and comes in all shapes and sizes. Because it is clear, you can easily see the contents and don’t have to dig for that one lipstick. You also don’t have to worry about the Clamtainer popping open and making a mess. Once you click it closed, it stays that way! This nifty design can also help organize small-to-medium sized objects throughout your house: toolboxes, sewing kits, DIY crafting stations, tackle boxes, desk drawers, “junk” drawers… just to name a few!

Make Use of Vertical Space

Now that everything is organized, you can create dedicated storage space. Have an empty wall? Use it! Did you know you can hang milk crates on the wall to give yourself storage cubbies in the laundry room? Thanks to the Family Handyman, now you do! You can also hang corkboard and use nails or tacks to sort and hang anything from jewelry to tools. Think of any unused empty space like the back of cabinet doors. You can mount racks to store cutting boards in the kitchen or hair styling tools in the bathroom. Find some vertical space and get creative! If you need to separate small items, whether batteries or earrings, a Clamtainer can be used and hung from a hook. With the Click-it Closure technology, the Clamtainer will stay secure until you un-click to open. You even hear the “click” so you know all items are secure. This can also be helpful to anyone with visual impairments.


Just finished a jar of raspberry preserves? Wait! Don’t toss it. Clean it out and use it to store paperclips or small craft items. The Spruce has some excellent organizing ideas that don’t cost a thing! For example, use an empty toilet-paper roll to stack loose hair elastics. It’s the perfect width and will keep them in one place. Make it pretty with wrapping paper or decorative masking tape.

Use your imagination and creativity to make your space as clear and organized as possible. You don’t have to shop at the big expensive organization stores or hire a professional. Invest in some handy, affordable organization containers and reuse what you already have. The more you create yourself and the more you save, the more you will feel that sense of accomplishment in the end!

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