Yesterday we talked about those days when we feel that we’d like to quit. Today, let’s discuss the absolute best solution for almost instantly feeling better when the tides of emotion from any situation begin to feel overwhelming.

Breathing is essential to life and emotion management. Breathing impacts not just your respiratory system –but also your circulatory system, which impacts your heart function.  There are times that we experience stress at such levels we forget to breathe. This is not good…Actually, we can’t really forget to breathe because breathing is one of those involuntary actions that the body is so perfectly designed to execute without our input. But, the reality is, when consciously or unconsciously experiencing stress, our tendency is to take very shallow, short breaths.

Remembering the importance of breathing and filling our lungs to capacity directly correlates to greater health, longevity and wellbeing. Taking deep solid breaths, instead of the shallow ones we usually take all day long, can immensely help our ability to better manage all of our interactions and positively curtail any negative feelings that might arise during our interactions with others. Throughout the day, whether at work, waiting in line, while relating with friends, family and everyone else…please make a conscious, voluntary effort to breathe. In fact, make a conscious effort to breathe deeply.

If tensions start to rise, before answering any question or providing a response, take the time to breathe in deeply and release. A plus is that others will perceive us as calm, rational & thoughtful—even if we’re not feeling that way at all and are simply catching our breath!

Every day, as often as necessary, take a breathing respite. Find a private spot where nobody will bother you. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths in and out-but this time with your eyes closed. Reflect on how you can handle any situation sent your way.

Try adding a deep sighing vibration as you let out your breath, kind of like doing your best Darth Vader imitation. The addition of this vibration will make you feel extra great both mentally and physically.  More importantly, the Force will be with you!

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