When our son was 4, a nail that was missed during the finishing touches of a brand new playground somehow impaled his cheek. He was very brave when told we’d have to get to a doctor right away. On route he said: “Mom, I think I’ll take a nap. Everything is better after a nap.”

There’s a lot of wisdom in declaring personal nap times and allowing ourselves other forms of time-outs. Life doesn’t stop when we take time to rest, regroup, think or assess a situation. However, the importance is in the fact that by giving ourselves the gift of time to process the situation — our brain still works to sort out all the associated facts and emotions. 

Stopping to regroup by taking a few good deep breaths or removing ourselves from the situation for a period of time doesn’t mean we’re doing nothing. Rather it means we’re helping ourselves by shifting energy which helps to alleviate the stress or worry so an issue can be assessed with a clearer perspective. 

Making the choice to stop and do nothing when situations become stressful is actually a very superior coping skill. Remembering to stop and turn down the volume of a moment allows our brains to sort out the facts and do what brains do best: Problem solve.  

It’s hard to believe that doing nothing can actually make it possible to do everything better — unless you practice doing nothing regularly and experience how it helps you do everything better. Think about it…try giving yourself the gift of nothing. 

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