Many years ago, when both of our kids were under age 5, I was working full time and perpetually spent as my energies were pulled in multiple directions. I went to an appointment with a new dentist. Filling out tons of new patient paperwork, the last question was, “What do you like to be called?” Pretty sure no one ever reads all those forms, I amused myself and wrote, “Gorgeous.”

I handed the paperwork to the mid-50-ish receptionist. She looked through my forms and looked up at me. Not just once: I see her looking me over a few times. Then, she says with total sincerity: “Do people really call you ‘Gorgeous’?”  I laughed out loud and say, “Heck, no! But your form said, ‘What would you like to be called?’ and I figured you wouldn’t read it anyway!”  

Margo is long retired…but I still have fond memories of all the times I went to the dentist for myself or kids…and she called me, “Gorgeous.” She always made me smile. 

So, what would YOU like to be called? Be bold in your choice! 

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