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Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me, “How do you get rid of the yellowing in your hair and keep it bright shiny white?” It’s a common question because anyone with silver, gray, titanium, or grey-ish tones knows that eliminating the yellow, drab red or even greenish tones that build up and start to dull hair are a constant hair challenge!

As you might imagine, between my personal experiments and my on-set life, almost every hair product on the market has touched my hair. But today, I am happy to say I’m revealing my new favorite best-kept silver hair secret!

The new Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection is designed to meet the unique needs of my hair with a purple shampoo and purple conditioner that together remove residue and correct yellow tones so my natural silver strands shine bright. The Argan Oil Taming Serum helps wrangle my frizzies and flyaways while smoothing my ends. Specially formulated for the texture changes that come with age and older hair, these products make my hair soft & manageable without weighing it down.

There are many reasons why silver hair discolors: Copper in the water causes red undertones; sulfur & iron from rusty pipes cause yellowing; and chlorine dulls and leaves a green tinge. Depending where I am showering in the world — any of those chemicals can ruin the tone I try hard to maintain.

But now?  SilverDisobedients we can be Bolder not Older.  Our locks can take on a new level of vibrance and shine. The toning is superb — the conditioning is excellent! I’m buying a case! Seriously! Yes, really! No…make that LITERALLY! You can buy yours at exclusively at Target online and in stores nationwide. There’s a whole collection of products designed to work with your unique hair biology. Check them out!

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Photo Credits:  Alina Mulvey