With many programs for kids of all ages being postponed or cancelled, parents, in particular, have few entertainment alternatives for their children, which sets the stage for that dreaded chime: I am so bored! Lacking things to do, many kids immediately turn to video games, television, and the Internet for entertainment. While most parents would prefer to have their children put down the electronic devices, many are struggling with creative, alternative ideas to keep kids, and themselves, entertained.

In light of this conundrum, imagine if that extra free time could be used doing something constructive and beneficial, such as learning how to play a musical instrument? Before you start thinking personal lessons are not in your budget, what if there was a cost-effective way to learn to play the guitar from home? A method of learning guitar that everyone in the family can embrace?

Meet ChordBuddy, the newest and easiest way to learn how to play the guitar. While mastering an instrument can be difficult for children (of all ages!) and too often results in quitting from frustration, ChordBuddy overcomes that!  The product prides itself on simplifying the hardest part of learning to play the guitar—learning the chords.  The ChordBuddy system includes a device that is attached to a guitar and uses color-coded tabs to help with finger placements, and ease the initial stress on fingertips, while learning all the primary chords such as D, C, G, and E-minor. Students begin learning six songs using the ChordBuddy, making music immediately. This builds a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride. The ultimate goal is to remove all tabs. Once all tabs are removed and chords are learned, more challenging songs can be played! The ChordBuddy not only teaches your child…or you!… how to play the guitar, but also covers important things like how to tune, hold, and care for a guitar. And, if you do not own a guitar? Go here to get tips on buying your first guitar from the ChordBuddy crew.

Since homes have transitioned into a workplace for many parents, now with ChordBuddy, it can be a music studio for kids, too! Everyone can now pick up their guitar and practice whenever they have free time, turning extra time into accomplishing something productive… making music!

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