Sometimes you have to shake things up. Here’s how to change your mood.   

Anytime you find yourself stuck in thoughts, emotions or behaviors, that’s your cue that it is time to increase the amount of thought, energy and time you invest towards positively rewarding activities.

To create the shift, acknowledge the negative thought, emotion or behavior. Don’t tell yourself to “Stop thinking about x” or “Stop feeling y” because that won’t work.  

Instead, try acknowledging which sounds like this:  “I’m feeling really angry…” or “I am feeling anxious…” or “I just ate a container of ice cream.” Identify and respect the feeling, thought or action.

Once you acknowledge the thought, emotion or behavior you can follow it with: “Time to get moving…or start cleaning…or writing that letter you’ve been wanting to write…or making a phone call to a friend…or making a healthy meal…or dancing…or making art…or whatever you find to be a more positively rewarding way to spend your time.

We all have emotions that make us feel stuck and they deserve our acknowledgment. We cannot ignore anger any more than we can ignore happiness when we feel it. They’re both worthy emotions but it’s the action that follows the emotion in the form of positively rewarding activities that allows us to move forward.

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