#ad There are certainly times in life, at all ages, when slowing down is a necessary step for maximizing self-care. 

However, where and when we decide to slow down should be a conscious choice, and ideally not a consequence of physical limitations. Still surgeries, injuries and other unavoidable circumstances might happen, no matter how much we work on staying healthy.

These setbacks might hamper the way we move and get around – slowing us down when all we want to do instead is “say yes” to whatever adventures and opportunities come our way.

We want to say yes to our independence. We want to say yes to family vacations and say yes to taking our next big step in life. We want to say yes to being present. And we want to say yes to seeing the wonders of the world and the friendly faces on our block.

@byacre knows the importance of saying yes – with style and function. Their Carbon UltraLight provides functional mobility, but looks more like the hottest, sleekest accessory that if needed, everyone would want due to its award-winning, advanced engineering, mindful design and personalization.

Using an aid no longer means acquiescing to feeling fragile. This allows those in need to be agile… with style.  The byACRE Carbon UltraLight is really a practical and cool set of wheels that can easily be lifted with one hand. Yes, Seriously!

More info at: www.byACRE.com

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