Mistakes can help us see things differently.  Several have said: “Anyone who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Now, doesn’t that make the idea of a mistake kind of exciting?!

Let me elaborate:  If we always did the exact same things daily, it’s unlikely we’d screw up…but we may be bored to death. Yet, if we risk, try, experiment, test —not only do our engines revv up — the probability that we’ll learn rises as well.

This blog, has taught me plenty. My technology skills have improved, but I still stumble. Yesterday, I posted a video incorrectly. I decided to leave it anyway. This triggered a fascinating subtext conversation. 

My video was about poor choices that compromise health. Many engaged with that topic. Yet — other observations became part of the discussion also.  @ladyjaynemurphy & @gdumandzic who is learning English both said they concentrated harder on listening because of the error. @petewallace106 note that while I was off kilter —  admitting my mistake was a good first step for improving. @carolebethshaw wondered if I did it on purpose to make a point. @lp5life thought the sideways video was just another way of keeping us all sharp. @galexan345 pointed out that the video was sideways but the words were straight to the point.

I highlight these comments because I love reading what everyone says! Each perspective fascinates me and this mistake, proved that maybe a mistake really is just an opportunity to look at things differently so we can consider entirely new perspectives!

Maybe if we could see life as an adventure into new possibilities, without worrying too much about mistakes that might happen…maybe, we would find distinct advantages that mistakes can offer.

Thank you again for engaging with me daily. You make me think! 

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