Never tweeze your eyebrows while walking or you might poke a hole in your forehead. That’s good advice. Trust me. I know. First hand. Point is, while we might think multi-tasking is a great idea — evidence shows it is not. 

All of my best accidents and mistakes — I’ve made the Greatest Hits List of Whoppers — have resulted from multi-tasking.

Like saying “yes” to things I don’t really want to say yes to because I wasn’t paying attention and was elsewhere mentally occupied.

Like breaking a toe and having it be serious enough that I was sidelined without shoes for 8 weeks.

Like walking into a door jam and splitting my forehead open.

Like not looking at the total on the receipt because I was talking, only to get home to realize I’d seriously overpaid.

Like rushing around on wet floors in high heels, slipping and giving myself a concussion.

Like another concussion for focusing on store windows instead of the hole in the sidewalk.

Like crushing part of my hand while hanging Christmas decorations across a ceiling because I forgot I was within striking distance of the ceiling fan.

The list is endless. I’m just getting started!

We think multi-tasking makes us more efficient. But — unless we’re playing percussion in a band where multi-tasking is a serious asset— the secret to greater success (and less injury) in life is to focus on one task at a time. One conversation at a time. One thought at a time. One bite at a time. One issue at a time. One action at a time.

One thing at a time makes life far more manageable. We’re distracted more than ever due to a lot of chaos. Stay focused. Stay safe. 

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