A strong body of medical evidence shows that our mental state can upset normal physical functions, weaken resistance to infections & actually change vital organs. For example, emotional upsets affect the flow of hydrochloric acid which aggravates stomach ulcers. When I worked as a nutritionist & hypnotherapist in private practice, upsetting conversations could make people buckle over retching in stomach pain. Anger can send blood pressure skyrocketing. Essential hypertension or chronic high blood pressure that has no other apparent physical cause is directly associated with bottled up anger. Considering how many deaths after age 50 are related to blood pressure disturbances, this is significant. Hypertension patients may appear to be easy going , yet these same people may be smoldering beneath a submissive facade. Once taught effective ways to release pent up emotions; blood pressure can resume to normal. Diabetes has been associated with severe emotional shock; arthritic & autoimmune flare ups can parallel emotional upsets; and worry can accelerate tooth decay. Clearly understanding our frustrations & fears is just as important as what blood tests or x-rays might document

Many of us bury distress in the crypts of our minds—but the peace we may attain is at the expense of our health. Learning to relax can reduce or eliminate a plethora of problems. Our e-motions (think e= energy in motion) need conscious release, or they will express themselves in terms of our flesh and blood. Allowing emotions release—without judgement, without labeling them as good or bad, but just as normal human emotions—gives us a chance to work through them before they cause us physical hurt as well. I know some economic or physical difficulties cannot be ignored or meditated away. They are real. But facing challenges head on; accepting a situation; and talking with others or asking for help are steps to solutions that also give us new ways to cope with our challenges. Taking personal time-outs will release pent up energy, while simultaneously filling us with a new kind of energy that enables us to live richer lives. Time outs aren’t wastes of time; they’re time energizers that get our minds back in line to keep our bodies healthy. Hint: When you’re so busy you have absolutely zero time to take a break…that’s the time to take one.

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