While technological innovations are awe-inspiring, they pale in comparison to our minds and bodies. The recording and instantaneous recall performed by our nervous system, the ultimate memory chip, is fast and thorough. Since birth, it’s been recording  everything—which contributes to our reactions, responses and instinctual behaviors. Each sound, touch, site, word has been stored as a future reference whether it was perceived as pleasurable, threatening or not even noticed as it was being recorded.  Like water changes shorelines, our experiences and impressions consistently impact our nervous system responses, guided by our brain, consciously and subconsciously.

Neural pathways are formed as our brains start to recognize familiar patterns of response to our emotions or beliefs. The more these triggers fire, the more deeply the neural pathways become. Many of our reactions in the moment are somewhat pre-determined because our brains are acting on deeply stored subconscious ideas that have been collected over the years and recorded as our responses to situations and others.

Science has confirmed that our breathing greatly impacts our nervous system, the functioning of our minds and the health of our bodies.

The reason we want to stop and practice deep, steady breathing on a regular basis is because when we perceive any kind of threat and feel stressed, we tend to hold our breath and it becomes more becomes shallow. Our heart function relies on oxygen, as does our overall health. By practicing ‘stopping & breathing’ we can help our brains to create new neural pathways that condition our nervous system response to stress to be more calm in its reaction. Our minds and bodies are one. With awareness & practice, we can help to make our response to stress less stressful no matter where we are, no matter what is happening.

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