Last night 4 guys whooped me and  70,000 other people, into a high state of satisfaction for over two hours. Making it more wild? They were all in their 70s, but their age was not visible as they personified physical stamina. Collectively, I’m talking about The Rolling Stones. Individually, Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronni.

Each member of the band owned the stage with their musical excellence that did not fade away, proving age is an attitude. @MickJagger danced for for a solid two hours while singing. This is remarkable at any age: if you’ve ever walked and carried on a conversation —you know the pace tends to slow. But, this wasn’t the case with Mick and the Stones.  In fact, when they came out with “Start Me Up” as an encore — everyone believed he would “never stop, never stop, never, never, never stop.” 

Inspiration can come in the strangest ways. Mick Jagger owns the word “swagger” and he’s now my new health model. He is living proof that poor habits in our youth don’t have to define our older years — IF we choose to commit to eating well and moving, moving, moving. His diet is like mine: Primarily fresh fruit and vegetables with lots of avocados; whole grains; and legumes. He (not I) also eats some chicken and fish. So, I’ve got that down. But it’s his physical routine that is my new challenge because I want to move like Jagger…today and every day of my life.  I am committed to dancing, singing and doing the Harlem Shuffle through the rest of my life. 

The Stones always were and still are musically awesome entertainers. But the inspiration from this concert will last forever for me & my 19 year old daughter (who noted “There was no lip synching!”) as well as all “present.” The Stones exemplified commitment on so many levels: To each other. To perfection. To practice. To showmanship and delivery. To living large. 

The Rolling Stones reminded everyone that time may very well be on our side.

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