In the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” the author, John Gray, highlights differences in the ways men and women communicate, act and think. Gender gaps do exist, whether it’s in the boardroom, the workplace or the home. But another place it’s prevalent is in the health and self-care departments. But just because men and women have undeniable differences doesn’t mean that their health should suffer!

Numerous studies over the years have pointed to findings that show men are less likely than women to go to see a doctor. For instance, a Cleveland Clinic survey revealed that 72 percent of men would rather do household chores than go to the doctor. 82 percent of those surveyed said they try to stay healthy so that they will live longer to care for family and friends, but only 50 percent take preventative care measures! About 40 percent of those surveyed were told as children that men don’t complain about health issues! Another survey, this one from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that men are half as likely to go to the doctor over a two-year period as women are. They were also twice as likely to never have had contact with a doctor or medical profession as an adult than women were. Why does this happen? Some attribute it to cultural differences between men and women, busy schedules, and some men’s beliefs that they have to take care of the family. (But seriously, how can you take care of your family if you’re not taking care of your own health?).

The good news for those who say they are too busy or don’t want to spend their time at the doctor’s office is that the home diagnostics market is growing as a rapidly increasing number of global consumers are taking greater interest in, and control of, their personal health and wellbeing. Tests are available for a variety of conditions including allergies, infectious diseases (as we all know too well these past few years!), diabetes and colorectal screenings. For those who don’t like going to doctors, home diagnostics can be a great solution for them to screen for potential illnesses without taking the time to actually visit a doctor. With these home diagnostic kits, testing can be done in privacy, without leaving your home.

One doctor’s visit, in particular, that makes many people (women included) uncomfortable and hesitant is when it is for a colonoscopy. But for those who “pooh pooh” the idea of a colonoscopy, there are home diagnostics solutions that can check for hidden blood in stool, which could be an early warning sign of colorectal cancer.

One test that easily checks to see if you have blood in your stool and know whether or not you need to take more action is the EZDetect™ Colon Disease Test . It is an FDA-cleared screening tool that can be performed on an annual basis to check for the early warning signs of colorectal disease, including colon cancer. You don’t even have to take time by going to a store to buy it (although it is available at many pharmacies); it is available online at Walmart and Amazon.

And for the men who say they are “too busy” to go to the doctor, testing the stool takes two minutes of their time. To use it you just have to throw a test pad into the toilet after a bowel movement, wait two minutes for the pad to change color, and then flush the pad. And tell me, what man doesn’t spend at least two extra minutes sitting on the throne anyway….. reading, texting, taking a well-deserved break from a tough day???  (It is recommended that you perform the test on three consecutive bowel movements, for a total of six minutes!). There’s absolutely no stool handling, no mailing to a laboratory (which is different from every other similar test), and no fasting.

Why is this test so important? EZ Detect could be a good screening to start with; if EZ Detect shows blood in the stool you should talk to your doctor as you may need a colonoscopy follow up. According to the American Cancer Society, “when colorectal cancer is found at an early stage before it has spread, the 5-year relative survival rate is about 90%.”

So for all the men out there – and the amazing, busy, hard-working women, too — whether you are from Mars or Venus, isn’t it worth the six minutes of your time to perform this diagnostic to make your life as healthy as it can be? It works for all Earthlings!


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