Last night I met a real-life OG. IF you’re not familiar, an OG is slang, now in the dictionary, reserved for an originator of something, who is also highly respected and regarded. And I can say: Laura Geller aka @LauraGellerBeauty deserves the #OG title! ✨ Twenty-five years ago, this born & raised New Yorker decided to put her passions for makeup, beauty & Broadway to the ultimate test: She risked launching her eponymous make up company.  I say risk because it’s not easy to start any biz in NYC plus launch an entire line of fine makeup products in a crowded industry. Now, 25 years later, Laura Geller continues thriving, further confirmed by the scene of influential admirers who I witnessed heaping praise on this dynamic, force of nature, powerhouse entrepreneur turned business magnate. ✨ As you know I love people — and it’s people like Laura who serve to inspire us all. She’s living proof that excellence, passion, hard work, commitment, perseverance + great people skills — because let me tell you she is an entertaining riot on the mike (like any real-deal OG should be!) — are a winning combination for success along, with her people-skills for accruing an off-the-charts team of fabulosity to support her! ✨ Yet making Ms. Geller’s story even more intriguing is in 2020, she invested in a new marketing direction: Makeup unique to the skin of age 40 and older women. Now, with a full line from baked powder foundations, to blushes, contour and highlight kits, to the most remarkably blend-able array of eyeshadows and more — the makeup line is a miraculous standout for older skin…and very personally speaking…mine. There’s something quite fascinating I see in the mirror each time the array of colors blend in most unanticipated yet beautiful ways, giving my skin a subtle light that’s just plain pretty. ✨ So that’s my gush for the day as I’m still feeling awestruck!  Check out her line if you’re so inclined. Whatever your age? It’s not only beautiful in the package…it’s spectacular on the skin. In fact, I’ve made it the go-to staple line in my new studio because it is just so magical on all the skins I’ve tested it on! ✨

 Let love and grooviness prevail,

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience