More people would reap the benefits of meditation and relaxation if they knew how to start. SO, here’s my favorite imagery to regain calm, peace and direction. You can do this in two minutes or twenty, depending upon the time available.

Find a quiet place, sit down and close your eyes. Start to breathe steadily in through your nose and evenly out through your mouth. Maintain an even rhythm throughout the entire exercise. Feeling each breathe relax you more deeply. 

Now imagine a soothing tub. Visualize sitting on the edge, touching your toes into the water. As you do so, it’s as if the warm water enters your toes, relaxing them. Slowly the warm flow moves into your feet and ankles. Your calves relax as well. Next your knees feel better than ever. Your thighs start to feel so warm yet comfortable and relaxed. The warmth spreads through your abdomen and all your organs, right into your chest and heart. The sensation of relaxation moves into your shoulders, down your arms to your fingertips. Flowing into your neck as tension is released from your body. Your face starts to relax. Lips part, tongue and cheeks let go of any tension and you unclench your teeth. Even your eyes relax. Your forehead and scalp relax as you feel a sensation of peace, warmth and comfort as the last bit of tension exits out the top of your head. 

When you’re ready, you open your eyes. Refreshed and ready for whatever is up next. 

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