Marking or celebrating milestones are ways we check off significant actions, events or the distance we’ve traveled on our journey through Life. 

Many of you have shared your important milestones with me. For some they’ve represented a climax, a turning point, a breakthrough or an event whereby we discovered new aspects, capabilities or even strengths within ourselves — whether we wanted to discover these characteristics or not. 

While we’ve surely surpassed many milestones throughout our lives, we certainly still have many more to come. 

At every age, systematically checking off milestone achievements is a natural mood elevator. Despair can only happen if we stop envisioning our possibilities and new potential achievements. Increased longevity, health and a greater sense of both well-being and happiness are also proven to directly correlate with establishing and working towards new goals that we want to achieve in the future. 

Milestones can be something as simple as cleaning the basement to…well…whatever! Please tell me all about your proudest milestone moments and the plans you have or can set for new victories large or small! 

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