Fear is one of the most powerful motivating factors. It is well studied in psychiatry and public health. Fear can make us freeze or respond with action. When we focus on news or thoughts that trigger fears, those fears shift within us in a way that triggers anxiety. We all experience anxiety at some time or another. Day to day stresses can trigger it but when those thoughts or sensations of constant worry and fear become omnipresent, it greatly interferes with our ability to enjoy a healthy life. The more we feel fearful, processing information that may or may not be scientifically sound — regardless of who is delivering the message — we can start to feel confused which makes it difficult to think straight and process anything. When we’re in a state of feeling scared, fearful of others or the world, a very real sense of helplessness can begin to rise.

Fear literally can scramble our brain. The good news? We each have the power to shift our thoughts, changing the channel, much like a TV remote. So, when feeling afraid, it helps to think of fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. Now certainly sometimes the evidence is real, but plenty of times it has been exaggerated, mis-interpreted and more. In a 24-7-365 news society, this phenomenon is happening more than ever.

So what can we do? 1: Turn off the news. If there’s something you really need to know, I guarantee, you’ll hear it from someone who is unable to turn off the news. 2: When you hear such news, ask yourself if it really personally impacts your life in the moment. Odds are it doesn’t. So…3: Go about your life. We are social beings. Be social. Do it in any way that makes you feel comfortable. 4: Remember you’re not helpless. Take action and do things that make you feel good — whatever they are. 5: Breathe. When we feel fearful, we are not breathing properly. Stop. Breathe in peace and calm. Breathe out fear and anxiety. Speak to your breathing. Calm in. Fear out.

You got this. Control what you can. Here and now. ✨

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