I’m a big believer in taking healthy calculated risks and pushing oneself into uncharted territory. My goal is to eliminate both my fears of failure and my fears of success because they are equally powerful.

Yet, the more I accept that there are no guarantees of failure or success, the easier the idea of making a mistake becomes.

Anytime we decide to take a risk it’s normal to consider the downside. It’s equally normal to fear the “what ifs” and changes that might happen if we were to actually succeed. Both can be paralyzing. It’s uncomfortable to feel trapped by fear.

So, I propose, it is actually more comforting to act. Yes, in action we may make mistakes. But we make a bigger mistake if we think we can get some kind of guarantee of success by waiting. The goal is to live life to your personal definition of “the fullest” at every age. Go for the gusto. There’s no shame in taking a risk. Don’t worry about what others say or how they might try to discourage you. Don’t wait. Find the time. Never allow waiting to become a habit. Life is happening now.

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