Nobody knows exactly how long they will live on this earth, but it has been ingrained in our minds that life is short. With this notion, it is important to try to live life to the fullest and make the most out of every day and every experience. A best life lived is when one comes to terms with the past and decides to start building a future with little or no regrets to stand in one’s way. A life without regrets may also be a key to aging well, according to an article in LiveScience. Here are a few tips for living life to the fullest:

Live in the Moment

Being in the present is the key to staying healthy and happy. An article in Mindful looks at research published in the Journal of Research in Personality which finds present-moment awareness, a key feature of mindfulness, increases stress resilience and effective coping. With aging comes the coveted “golden years” that enable us to enjoy and appreciate the present more, due to no longer raising a family or working day in and day out, but stress is still part of this transition. Staying in the present by living in the moment may reduce the effects of stress and lead to greater mental, physical and emotional health, according to the study.

Remember the Past

Staying present, however, does not mean forgetting the past – whether it is decades ago or minutes ago. Certain life memories can make you happy, such as thinking about your favorite summer vacation as a kid. Other memories are more practical, such as knowing where you put your keys or the name of the woman you met yesterday. These three different aspects of memory: long-term memory, spatial memory, and word recall can all be affected as a normal part of aging, but they’re not inevitable. CocoaVia™ Memory+ is a supplement that contains 750 mg of cocoa flavanols, the plant-based nutrient found in natural cocoa. Taken daily for 8 weeks, the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ Memory+ were shown to improve memory and brain function. And studies showed significant improvements in all three aspects of memory.  These powerful flavanols work by increasing blood flow to parts of the brain that are sensitive to aging by 62%, helping your brain perform at its very best so you can stay sharp at any age.

Plan for the Future

While you always want to try to seize the day, there are some things that cannot be done in the moment and need planning. Do not regret it if you didn’t celebrate your birthday or take that honeymoon vacation; you can change that by planning for different milestones in the future and acting on them. According to an article in Greater Good Magazine, thinking about the future can also make our lives more meaningful. So, go ahead…plan that party and celebrate your future. It will be here fast enough!

Different moments of time – past, present, and future – are part of our lives that should be embraced. Soon the present will be the past and the future will be the present, so start living life to the fullest and make memories that are worth remembering!

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