If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that being socially distanced from loved ones is hard, really hard. As we hopefully reconnect in person with friends and family next year, let’s make a special effort to put our best foot forward and make new memories and keep them. Let 2021 be about spending time with those we love, laughing a lot, and finding joy in all the small things. Here are some great ideas to put memory making (and memory keeping) into practice. May making more joyful memories be your 2021 New Year’s resolution!

Make special plans with loved ones this year. We so often take those we love for granted until it’s too late, and we’re left with regret and no second chances. Plan a trip with the people you cherish the most. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Even just a weekend away together, unplugged, laughing, and reminiscing will give you feelings of connection and belonging. If a vacation is just too much right now, plan a day trip to a local destination—a park for a picnic, a hiking trail, or a stroll through a historic downtown. Make a point to spend the time with those you love this year. You’ll laugh about old memories and make new ones in the process.

Begin recording memories on paper. Write special moments down and drop them in a memory jar or record them in a memory book. Keep your memory jar or book in a central location of your house, like a coffee table or entryway, encouraging friends and family to participate. Each week or even daily, write down a special memory, a small moment, or something funny or significant and drop it in or record it in the book. Recording memories is a great way to keep them and revisit them later. Memories are being made every second of our lives if we open our eyes to see the wonder of the present moment. Write them down and relieve them again and again!

Remember to take pictures of good times spent with loved ones this year. With smart phone technology, we all walk around with a camera in our pockets, so take advantage of it! But, don’t just take the pictures, make the albums. Print your photos and put them in books. Scrolling through photos in a phone isn’t the same as curling up on the couch with a blanket and looking through old pictures. Making an album invites the people you shared the memories with to sit with you, look at the pictures, and reminisce together.

Recording memories in books and photo albums is a great way to store away memories, but some things can’t be preserved on paper. The feeling you had in the moment can’t truly be captured in a picture or a sentence. That is why it is so important to maintain brain health and cognitive function with high-quality supplements that have been proven to keep your brain sharp, like new Memory+ from CocoaVia™. Four separate clinical studies found that cocoa flavanols in Memory + improve and strengthen 3 types of memory, including long-term memory, in just 8 weeks – helping you safeguard your most precious moments for years to come. Support your memory health with Memory +, so when you read through a memory book or look through a photo album, you feel those memories and relive them in your mind.

Don’t leave your memories to chance. Make an extra effort to spend quality time with loved ones next year and make some memories worth remembering! If you are ready to start the new year with your sharpest brain yet, take advantage of CocoaVia’s New Year’s sale and click here to get 30% off Memory+ (as well as all CocoaVia supplements).  Supporting your memory power with supplements like Memory+ along with recording what you can in words and pictures, will make 2021 a year to remember!

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