Much of our lives whether by schooling, work, family responsibilities or law is governed by what we have to do, should do and ought to do. While rules are important and respecting the rights, feelings and wishes of others is important, too, the personal rule of living by what we want to do is important as well.

When too much of our time is focused on external demands, we can lose track of what we want to be doing to feel personally fulfilled during our limited time on earth.

Defining, focusing and acting on our “want to dos” is not selfish. Possibly the most miserable people are those who are too focused on pleasing everyone else, as they are completely externally driven and building resentment because they’ve placed themselves on the bottom of their to-do pile.

Those who focus on what they want tend to be happier and healthier. Happy people like company. Healthy people have the energy to enjoy others. Happy & healthy people like to share all those good feelings & their energy with others. When we feel happy & healthy, we are more likely to want to be good with others and share. Feeling good by doing good adds to our strength and abilities. Taking time to eat well and exercise to keep our selves healthy gives us the energy to better enjoy our relationships. 

Watch how once you move yourself up towards the top of your priorities list how life starts getting more awesome.

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