Like many girls, a day comes when we either break the rules or we’re finally permitted to wear make up.  In my case, I waited but nagged my Mom incessantly until she set that date as my Birthday, the year I was in 7th Grade. The day before my birthday, I walked a mile (literally) to the nearest drugstore. I had my babysitting money in my pocket and I was prepared to spend every penny. I purchased a vibrant Revlon shocking blue sparkling eyeshadow and an equally vibrant lime green. 

The morning of my birthday, I woke up very early. With the skill of a 13 year old — which was a very different skill pre-Internet-make-up-tutorials :-0 I carefully applied my blue eyeshadow … along with Maybelline blue mascara!  

At 6:55am I came down the stairs. My Mother took one look at me and asked what circus was I planning on attending for my birthday! Of course I told her I thought it looked great…but did agree that maybe the orange blush was a tad much — as I rubbed that off a bit! 

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I thought about the shock I must have given my Junior High School teachers that day…who didn’t know that I was celebrating a right of passage.  

I took these photos this past week because while I was going through my Mom’s make up — what did I find? Blue eyeshadow! 

PS: My husband says my office is starting to look like I could open a next Sephora. So for the Ladies and for the fun of it,  I’m going to start regularly sharing more of my favorite makeup, hair and lifestyle products that I play with or test regularly…just because! This will be in addition to — not in place of — my usual content that is written to make you realize just how unique and fabulous you naturally already are! 

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