Have you ever considered what it means to “make your self?”

A few weeks ago, I began contemplating this after @ritual  reached out about being a #ritualpartner and asked if they could interview me about this idea. (You can read my full interview at Ritual.com)

I considered that our “self” is our essential “being-ness” that distinguishes each of us from one another. Our “self” is also at the basis of our introspections of the present and things we’d like to change.  

To think about what makes our selves, for starters, it includes how we eat, how we move, how we manage our stress, what we do for work, how we engage and connect with others, and how we own all that has happened to us —or release it.  After careful introspection, making ourselves moves into the realm of immense opportunity because we can evolve further by owning our choices or making new ones. 

With that said, today is a good day to take a personal inventory that looks closely at the rituals we’ve established that ultimately cumulate in the making of our selves.  It’s also a wonderful time to think about new rituals we can establish to make ourselves into the better and more alive selves we still want to evolve into.  

Since our “self” is really our individual beliefs about the attributes as to who and what we are…What do you want or need to do to Make Your Self into who you still want to be.

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience @ritual  #makeyourself #SP #AD