We are living in a new era that comes with a learning curve as we adapt to all the new technologies in hopes of staying relevant and connected to friends and family. You learned your grandson is much more responsive via text, so you have become an avid texter. Your son is too busy to call as much as you would like, so you set up social media accounts to follow his adventures. You look forward to seeing the many photos your daughter-in-law shares of your beautiful grandchildren online.

According to a study by Pew Research Center, seniors spend more than half of their daily leisure time in front of screens. The study also noted a decline in recreational activities, such as reading or socializing. Activities that are beneficial to our health are taking a backseat to screen time. A study by Yale researchers showed a significant link between book reading and longevity. Countless studies have shown that social activities help prevent mental decline in seniors.

Think of a happy memory. Does that memory have anything to do with the time you spent engulfed in social media or staring at your phone? Memories come from experiences. Experiences happen when you are living your life. Commit to making plans with family and friends and partaking in social activities when you can. There may be times when you must rely on social media and screens to occupy your time, but until then, make the darn memories before it is too late!

Screen time like watching TV might accelerate this decline, according to research published in Scientific Reports, but the good news is there are ways to give your brain   special attention. That attention can come in the form of cocoa flavanols, a natural  brainpower booster that increases blood flow to parts of the brain associated with memory loss. Remember, we want to make memories, not lose memory, and four clinical studies prove that taking high levels of cocoa flavanols (at least 750 mg) daily can help fuel your memory and brain health. In fact, taking the powerful cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ Memory+ every day for 8-12 weeks has been proven to improve three different aspects of memory: word recall, spatial memory, and long-term memory.

It is time to put down the screen, make the darn memory, and keep it with  Memory+.

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