To be magnanimous is to be quick and willing to forgive.  Forgiving others is not alway easy. A zillion thoughts rush through our brains when we consider granting our forgiveness. Do they understand how hurtful they were? Why would they say or do that? Will they do it again? Am I a sucker who will get walked all over if I say this is OK?  

The fact is, there are no answers to any of those questions.

Even after apologies are offered and accepted, slights, even of the identical nature can happen again. This doesn’t make the other person evil, committed to destroying our lives, hopeless, thoughtless or mean.  It means they are human.  We all are.  

Being human means that sometimes we can’t get out of our own way. Sometimes we hurt others — not even realizing it. Sometimes we’re just angry and we say things we wish we could take back. We all hurt and hurt others.

Still — being magnanimous is a better way to live. Staying angry and withholding forgiveness never helped someone live a better life.  

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