Love is love.  It is not love if we withhold affection until we like what someone is doing… or until after we get what we want… or when we approve of the other and their actions.  

Love is love regardless of the judgements, hurdles, criteria, expectations, demands or any other expectation we place on another that outlines their conformity so we can release our love. Our approval has nothing to do with it.

Love is acceptance. It’s only easy in the movies. Real life love? It’s a work-of-art that’s more like the physics of a rollercoaster ride: filled with all kinds of ups, downs, twists and turns accompanied by the choice to ride it again and again, regardless of how we might feel. 

And all love, starts with self-love and acceptance. With that, we can understand and love one another.

PS: I wrote this in response to countless requests that asked me to share some thoughts about love, relationships, marriage, divorce and parenting. I’m sure this will trigger many thoughtful responses and comments. As always, I look forward to reading every one of them.

PSS: Now that I’ve written it and put it out into the Universe, I’m printing it and reading it everyday as my own personal reminder.

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