When we think we’re losing our mind, maybe what’s really happening is that we’re loosening it.

After being out of my office last week, then yesterday being a holiday, Tuesday was particularly hectic. I was pulled in about a thousand different directions — all of which demanded immediate attention. Ok that’s an exaggeration. Maybe 100 demanded my immediate attention. 

Midday, I shared a tad of the chaos with my best friend of 35 years @judy.katz  She suggested we meet for dinner. I asked if we could confirm in a couple of hours.

Well, those couple of hours came and went. I emailed her considerably past dinner time, apologizing and said, “I think I’m loosing my mind.”   Quick witted as ever at almost 80, she wrote back: “Dian, that’s quite Freudian. I don’t think you’re ‘losing’ your mind, but ‘loosening’ it to new possibilities.”

I think she’s right. Or in her case, she’s write (because she’s a ghost-writer of over 45 books and going strong!) Sometimes when we feel like we’re losing our mind, unable to think, incapable of comprehending all that is happening around us, wondering what we can or can’t handle….maybe…just maybe…it’s time to loosen our thinking or or loosen the grip of the thoughts that seems to be controlling it..

That’s my thought for today. Next time I’m feeling overwhelmed, thinking that I might be at the point of losing my mind —  I’m going to put a new twist on it and consider, if perhaps, it is time to loosen my mind.

PS: This photo fit my yesterday “losing it” mood and carries through on my red lipstick promise!  

PSS: Please don’t ask me what lipstick this is…because I did use a filter on this photo so the color is not accurate!

PSSS: Yes, this is my admission that I am wholly human and sometimes I lose it…just like you!

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