Loneliness has little to do with other people. Rather it is a disconnect with ourselves. 

When we are attuned and aware of who we are, we don’t feel lonely. Our soul is connected with life. We feel alive. There is no need to fill gaps of time to avoid loneliness because we know we feel excited about embracing moments in our lives with or without others beside us.  

Sometimes we may choose to spend time alone. Other times it might seem like we are given no choice but to walk through life alone.  Either way, our aloneness is not empty.  It is full of purpose and opportunity…if we choose to see it as such.

It is often aloneness that gives us the greatest freedom to get to know our “selves” more deeply. It is essential to helping us understand our wants, needs and desires.  Alone time also enables us to become more accepting and understanding of others.  

Time alone is not a punishment. it is a time to be welcomed and cherished. 

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