A variety of long-term research on longevity holds some surprises as to what factors contribute most to longer lives.

Here are 4 longevity factors that you might like to consider.

Living consciously makes a big impact. Living with consciousness includes doing more of what you believe to be the “right” thing as well as being consistent, careful and thorough with whatever work or responsibilities are ours to manage.

A general sense of happiness is a contributing factor. But interestingly, happy-factors that stem from engaging with others, steady relationships, commitment and enjoyment with our work seem to have the most impact. So in this way happiness is a result of how and with whom we choose to spend our time. 

Dedication to accomplishment plays a big role. Those who have a long to-do list that they are enjoying checking off, tend to be healthier and long lived. People who aren’t so focused on the need to relax— who seem to always look for new challenges to pursue — seem to thrive longer.

The company you keep is a last big factor. Those who hang with others who are excited about waking up, while trying to maintain healthier habits, tend to collectively inspire greater health for all.  

If we’re lucky, we’ll all live long lives. But living each day we’re alive with health and energy is really the ultimate goal.

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