(SD-SP) There are many ways to spend vacations – alone, on a tour, with family and with your friends.  One of the popular ways to spend the summer is renting a house with friends, whether it be at the beach, in the countryside, around a lake, or perhaps in the hustle and bustle of a nearby city. Some people rent for a week or two at a time, others rent for the entire summer.  Many of these communities have long-term renters who build friendships over decades, which develop into becoming true extended families.

Many of us have been confined to our own living spaces, and maybe seeing the “Friends” reunion has made you nostalgic about reuniting with good friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you are in need of a “friendcation” where time can be spent sharing experiences – eating, taking walks, and enjoying the relaxation of watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset. In fact, studies have shown that both family relationships and friendships were linked to overall better health and happiness, but friendships became a stronger predictor of health and happiness at advanced ages. 

Did you ever think how great it would be to make your “friendcation” into a “staycation” year-round with those close friends?  Well, you can! Certain retirement communities can turn your summer vacation experiences into just that as they offer all the amenities you will ever need to replicate the great times you have together, without the complications of a jointly-owned home.   

Brookdale, for instance, offers senior living communities that can make your home seem like it is the ultimate “friendcation” with social spots where you can enjoy the company of your long-time friends as well as meet up with new ones! Many of their properties have communal-style dining rooms, courtyards, landscaped porches and patios, all beautifully designed in ways that encourage socializing with your friends—both old and new.

How about dinner with friends? Brookdale has several options, ranging from cafes/bistros to restaurant-style dining rooms to private dining for special occasions. Many locations even offer a community kitchen for residents to use.

Of course, there are a range of activities to do on your “staycation” at Brookdale. Want to go to the pool or shoot some pool?  Workout in a fitness center? These amenities are available in many of Brookdale’s locations. Can you still go on vacation?  Yes, of course, but since your life will feel like a vacation, you can explore adventures that you may not have considered before!  

So why not consider making your next move with your good friends?  Why not have a year-round “friendcation” in the comfort of your own home?  Take some friends with you and visit a Brookdale residence in the city of your choice!  Don’t you deserve to make every day a vacation day?