Live (L—eh- v) vs ALIVE (A -La-👁-va)

To live means to have “a life that is capable of vital functions.” To be alive is “existing in a way that is not dead or lifeless; a force in action; full of energy and spirit; active; and, vibrant.” One is a biological state; the other the emotional grandeur that results from embracing existence. 

Living a dead life? Living with a sole purpose of avoiding illness if we are capable of doing otherwise? Personally, to me, that is not living: It is putting life on the shelf and waiting out time while time passes.

And here’s the thing: We don’t get that time back.

So, since I’m not a quitter…A LIVE LIFE it will be.

A-LIVE-Life that includes plenty of interactions with other LIVE-ly people who also want to make their own choices as to how they will embrace their lives for the limited time we have them.

(And, let me tell you another personal fact that might surprise you: I’m really a creative loner who enjoys quietly occupying myself and could spent hours very happily in my own thoughts.)

Still, it is the energy of humanity that generates universal energy for us all whether we realize it or not.

Before I kick it, I want to be experiencing everything that life might have to offer and this includes playing with people I know, as well as those I randomly meet.

That’s what I’m thinking about it.

These are my favorite, totally styling elves, Bernie (83) & my Mom (91) living it up to the max with Santa. They’re celebrating, A-LIVE-ing and doing it right. 🎄

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