When in doubt, punch it out “full throttle.” ✨

Recently speaking with my brother who is a motor sports enthusiast, I asked him, “How the heck do jet skiers drive right into boats?”  His explanation gave me a new perspective and held deep life wisdom. ✨

Jet skis run on thrust and to turn them, they need throttle or stepping on the gas.  When people think they might collide, as in this example hit a boat, the last thing they want to do is accelerate and hit the gas— which is actually necessary to turn the trajectory of the vehicle. Further, we tend to hit what we’re focusing on…which could be a good…or bad thing, in this example.✨

This conversation reminded me of life.  Sometimes we focus on the wrong things and get distracted and then we get afraid to commit to the direction we want to be going…and pull back. We step off the gas when throttling up would change our direction and likely be the best choice for a more beneficial result. ✨

Just a few thoughts to help get your motors running. 

PS: Me, going full throttle!

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