I’ve long believed expectations to be self-fulfilling. This is why I spend a lot of energy keeping my thoughts as positive as possible. While I don’t think our thoughts completely dominate events on all aspects of the physical plane — I do believe they can create a significant impact so it’s a good idea to look for the bright side.

For example, if I see myself as a healthy person, it’s pretty difficult to stay on a trend acting otherwise. It just wouldn’t be comfortable and at some point I’d have to call myself on my bull and recognize that maybe getting in shape just wasn’t that much of a priority if I wasn’t willing to get moving and make better food choices.

Same goes for pretty much anything. I am a writer. So, I can either write, or I can dream and talk about it. If I’m writing daily, my writing improves, my thoughts flow more readily and hopefully less editing is involved.

If I want to play guitar or piano, I can imagine myself rocking out from now until eternity —but I’m not going to sound any good if I don’t get my thoughts focused on practicing.  

This applies to relationships with others as well. See them favorably, and keep your thoughts favorable towards that person, and there’s a high likelihood their behaviors will start to lean towards your expectations. 

So whether the belief or the action comes first, I can’t say for sure. Perhaps it’s a chicken and egg conundrum.  But I do know, we’re in charge of what we’re thinking.  If we  keep ourselves focused on the positives, what we can do and then move into action … Life seems to keep self-fulfilling on those expectations. 

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