Life is made up of big and little things. So are personal relationships and work situations.

Little things in life are often overlooked. We’re all busy doing other things so we don’t do little things for others or we don’t notice the little things done for us by others. While big things may seem grander or more important…are they? Perhaps not if the day-to-day aspects of relating are missed, while we hope a big thing can serve as a substitute.

I’m being vague here, because each of us have personal examples of what constitute little actions and big actions throughout our lives. I’m really just contemplating the things we do day-to-day, along with what we don’t do because we’re so busy coping with life that we hope we can do some big thing to fill-in for what we may have missed in the day-to-day.

Maybe you’ll want to think about this as well.  And for the record: Yes, there are some days I wish I didn’t think about any of this, but I do…and so, I share it.

Note: When doing this street shoot, this lovely 81 year old visiting NYC from Arizona asked if she could take my photo to show her friends “what happens on the streets of New York”. I said sure! But also asked if she would join me in the picture!

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