Last night, a smart connector I recently met, Kate Gardiner @Kate_Gardiner of @greyhorsecomm  invited me to an event at  @UrbanZen which is a magical place within a huge #NYC building, and the former studio of sculptor and painter Stephan Weiss. Here Donna Karan @DonnaKaranthewoman is merging #philanthropy and commerce, in a tribute to her late husband and her own legacy, that aims to better align our #body #mind & #spirit #connection  

The evening was a launch party for Pat Mitchell’s @patmitchellmedia book Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World.  Artist Eve Ensler hosted. @eveensler is possibly best known for her status-quo disrupting show The Vagina Monologues, which I’ve never seen, but I did see her one woman show (twice!) In the Body of the World which made me cry and laugh, simultaneously & repeatedly. Eve is also the author of my favorite female monologue ever: I am an Emotional Creature. 

The book author Pat Mitchell, is the former president of CNN Productions and TEDWomen co-founder, along with too much else to list here.  But as Pat stated so eloquently, and was reinforced by the 200+ crowd that came out to support the debut of her book: That’s a past tense descriptor.  What she is today, is a what I’ll call a “lifter.”  And that up-lifting spirit of unity and lifting others was very present by the mood, the accolades, the captivating poetry by @climbingPoeTree and the original tribute ode-song to Pat by @Morley_Music : The total vibe was LIFT others as we rise. Women and Men alike.  

As Pat Mitchell so eloquently said and I paraphrase: We don’t run out of success and good things. These are not in limited supply.  Sharing doesn’t hurt us it helps us. Generously connecting others with those we know for the betterment of all is a good thing. The more we help each other, without worrying about what we might lose — but instead recognizing what we all gain, the better life is for everyone.

It was a wonderful evening filled with messages that resonate. I’ve ordered my copy of Becoming a Dangerous Woman, and perhaps you want to as well. 

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