While it is not a favorite topic, pest control is a universal problem. Like death and taxes, it doesn’t discriminate. We all have to deal with pesky invaders, whether it is insects or rodents, at some point in our lives no matter where we live. And when it happens, most of us do not know where to begin. We want to dive under the covers and pinch our eyes closed, but it doesn’t have to be that hard (or scary)! Here are some easy all-natural tips to empower you in your next pest control battle.

Tips and Tricks to Keep the Pests Away

The first should go without saying but keep your house clean! Dirt and grime, especially food messes, attract all kinds of pests. A clogged drain attracts insects just as much as a spilled box of cereal. The Spruce home improvement website suggests trimming plants or trees that are close to the house. They attract pests and act as a bridge to the house. Make sure there are no crevices, gaps, or openings allowing pests entry. You may need to put some weather-stripping under a door or use caulk to seal up a hole or crack. Pretty basic first line of defense!

Natural Repellants

Take it a step further with natural, non-toxic repellants for both insects and rodents. Use steel wool to stuff in any opening before you seal it. Mice and rats can’t chew through it and will run in the other direction. According to the Family Handyman, mice hate the smell of peppermint. Leaving peppermint oil soaked cotton balls in strategic places around your house will keep them from entering. As for ants and roaches, an article by Bustle suggests turning to cinnamon and cucumbers!

What to Do Once They’re In

Once they’re in, you need a plan! According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, natural remedies like Borax and sugar mixtures are highly effective at killing insects like ants and cockroaches. Sprinkle the mixture around openings or crevices and the bugs will carry it back to their nests eradicating the problem.

If the problem is mice, you are faced with a different challenge. You can’t just poison one with bait and kill them all like you can insects. Plus, poison is dangerous for pets and children. You need a mousetrap! You are probably picturing the old wood-and-metal snapping mouse trap that leaves a gory mess or does not fully kill the rodent on contact, causing unnecessary suffering for you and the mouse. Thankfully, there are other options. DoomBox traps the mouse in a clear plastic container so that it can’t drag it away. Certified child resistant, DoomBox allows you not to worry about injuring loved ones and keeps your pets safe, too. You can either dump and reuse the device or toss the whole thing. It is the mousetrap of the future to empower you in your fight against rodents.

When to Call the Experts

When there are too many rodents to count, you might have to call the pros. If you can hear a mouse party in your walls at night or one thousand skittering cockroach feet darting around your kitchen when you turn off the light, you may have a bigger problem than a few mouse traps or a cup of Borax can handle. Otherwise, empower yourself with these tips and tricks to handle your pest problem today!

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