Have you ever thought about what you’d like to leave to future generations? Money, art, a business…or something else. Maybe something far more important, yet less tangible. After all, most people who inherit money, spend it far too quickly. Financial gifts, while welcomed gifts, don’t necessarily come with an appreciation of the effort it took to make and save that money.

Shakespeare proposed honesty to be the best gift; Kanye West suggests betterment for all men by how and what we can give to each other to support their growth; Billy Graham said character; Taylor Swift proses examples of how to be good people; George Forman is quoted as saying ’I want to leave the legacy that being nice is the treasure”; Michael Bloomberg speaks about better education for all; Richard Branson’s legacy wish is not wealth or fame but happiness in choosing & following one’s own path; Peyton Manning said respect; George H.W. Bush wanted a day when the legacy of the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would be that man or woman, regardless of race or creed could run our Country; Barack Obama furthered that sentiment by achieving it; Stella McCartney noted not just the importance of family…but not taking that lightly; and Andy Warhol proposed that the idea in life was not to live forever…but to create something that will.

The best legacies are what we leave IN people, not for them. Heart, spirit, determination, values, will, kindness, spirituality, peace, love, willingness, desire…and the countless intangibles, too many to list.

We each get to to decide the legacy that we will leave. Each day we’re alive, we’re building our legacy. I’m writing mine every day in these posts, and working to make my actions align.

Please tell me what your legacy will be.

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